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Moving forward with the Six of Swords

In a small boat, a standing man, a seated woman and a child, their backs turned towards us, move through a body of water towards land. The man’s gaze is fixed on his destination, but the heads of the woman and child are bowed, suggesting regret or sadness. In the boat with them are six upright swords. The water ahead is calm, but the water left behind is turbulent.

This is the image of the Six of Swords in the Rider Waite tarot deck.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot LondonSixes typically refer to your journey through life. Swords are often symbols of intense action and radical change. The Six of Swords, then, suggests you’ve recently taken action for a major change in your life – or that you need to do so. You may grieve over what you must leave behind, but this card confirms that the change is a positive life action.

In addition, you may be about to overcome and recover from the effects of depression or extreme trauma. In the card’s image, the swords stuck into the bottom of the boat are not hindering its progress, nor is the boat taking on water and sinking. Swords represent difficulties or pain, but in this case the pain or difficulties of your past will not hold you back as you now move forwards into a new stage of your life. However, be mindful that you may be carrying those past difficulties forward with you; the calm waters ahead indicate that you’ll be able to cope better with them as they take on less relevance in your future life.

This card may also mean travel in the most literal sense – moving from one place to another. Or it can signal the end of a relationship, or changes wrought by going back to school, or a new and improved ‘you’ – achieved by diet and exercise, for example. Regardless, your life is soon to take a turn for the better, if it hasn’t already done so.

So rejoice and embrace the change heralded by the Six of Swords, and be confident that moving on is an excellent option for your future.

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The Star – a perfect card for the holiday season and New Year

The perfect Tarot card for the holiday season (or any season!), the Star is a card of generosity and gift giving. In the Rider Waite deck, a beautiful naked woman kneels beside a pool. Behind her an eight-pointed star dominates the sky.

This card looks towards the future and foreshadows good things – including, perhaps, an unexpected offer of help, or a much-appreciated gift to you from a stranger or anonymous benefactor.

It also relates to inner gifts, such as your talents and abilities or your innate creativity. In addition, it represents idealism and prosperity.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot LondonA Major Arcana card, the Star is one of the calmest in the Tarot. (In the Rider Waite card the woman’s eyes are downcast and her expression is serene.) As such, it is associated with peace of mind.

When the Star is there for you, there’s no reason to be agitated or to fear shortages or insufficiencies.

However, keep in mind that the Star is otherworldly. So don’t take your hopes, creativity, idealism, and your generosity too far.

Stay grounded: note that the woman on the card has one foot on the water (on, not in, representing spirituality, as Jesus Christ is said to have walked on water), but her knee is planted firmly on the earth.

So, access your practical side in addition to your creative side. Trust in the Star, and in your own talents and abilities – but stay down-to-earth. You’ll have what you need when you need it, if you don’t become unreasonable with your resources and unrealistic in your expectations.

Finally, as a symbol of new beginnings, the Star portends the new year. Make plans (practical plans, of course) for tapping into and using your talents in new ways. This bright Star suggests it may be time for you to step into the spotlight and shine!

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In a gipsy caravan, on a garden bench, at a corporate event – the story is the same!


As a Tarot reader, I love it when I get the chance to meet the people I’m reading for.

That’s why it’s great to read at events such as charity fetes, craft fairs and corporate events.  A steady stream of interested people pass by; sometimes eager to find out what the future might hold for them, and other times simply curious, intrigued by the colourful imagery laid out on my table.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot LondonI was booked recently to take my Tarot cards to a weekend fete being run to raise money for the cattery where I got Charlie – the most recent addition to my family. He joined me a few weeks ago as an eight-month-old stray: miserable, confused and suffering from separation anxiety. He slotted in to my home perfectly and very quickly settled down into the happy, confident cat who’s sitting here watching my fingers fly across the keyboard!


The fete was held in a charming paved and gravel garden under a very warm autumn sun. The buildings were relatively new, but built with Tudor stone and brickwork, giving the impression of a historic site. It was a wonderful place to work.  Imagine my excitement to spot an authentic gipsy caravan nestled away in the corner!!

I read the Tarot for 14 people that weekend and gave my business card to a number of others. All went away feeling happier, more empowered and with a positive plan of things in their lives they may want to embrace or change. Remember, the future’s not set in stone – Tarot shows you a pathway that is yours to take or alter.

It doesn’t make a difference whether I’m reading in a painted caravan, on a garden bench, at a business event, at a hen party or in my tarot room at home. The cards tell a story – you story. Please get in touch if you’d like to hear yours.

Beware of spam Tarot sites

This is a little reminder to be cautious…

19904962 - surprised fortune teller with customer and tarot cardsA friend of mine recently received an email from a tarot reader offering a free reading. That’s great – lots of tarot readers, including myself, do that from time to time. The idea is that if people like the reading they will come back later to buy a more in-depth reading, at a time that suits them and when they have a question to delve into or are feeling curious about their situation. I sometimes offer free readings on Facebook as a fun competition and to encourage people to like my page.

But this particular tarot reader that emailed my friend has a nasty goal.  She (well the name and photo are of a lady – it could be a fake picture) – she gives the reading, which is quite generalised, then talks about something really bad that’s going to happen in the future. She describes an unknown event that will be extremely costly and says that it’s very important to get her help to overcome this problem. For a small fee of $79 she will tell the reader what to do next. It’s pure scaremongering!

I googled this tarot reader’s website, and received a long list of review sites stating that it is a con!  What happens is that people are frightened into handing over the money, and they are then told they need to pay even more to prevent the terrible thing happening!!  People who asked for a refund didn’t receive one and many, many people were seething. One website even said she had left the country to avoid jail for fraud!!

No genuine tarot reader would insist on payment to help a person in real need. NEVER be tricked into paying for any goods or services you didn’t ask for, simply because someone unscrupulous is telling you that something awful will happen if you don’t. It’s nonsense.

Usually, if a tarot reader does see something ‘bad’ in the cards, he or she will tell you in a positive way. The cards are a snapshot of a current situation – anything we see in the future is not set in stone. Sometimes it may be a warning to the person to change aspects of their life or behaviour in order to stay on a positive track, or it could be an indication that there are options ahead.  A good tarot reading should leaving you feeling positive, motivated and with a clear idea of where to go from there.

Even in a worse-case scenario, no ethical tarot reader would insist on receiving a further payment to give another reading based on that.  They should explain at the time what the cards are showing and why it may be important to change, and suggest ways of overcoming obstacles or problems.  This may mean pulling an extra card for a client to clarify a point, but a true reader wouldn’t charge extra for this.

Always beware of free offers that are followed up with demands for money!!

If you’re paying for a reading, check out the reader first.  I’m a member of both the Tarot Association of England and Wales and the Spiritual Workers Association,.and have many good reviews on my website from satisfied customers. Make sure you’re confident with the person you’re paying – and if in doubt, choose someone else. (If you choose me and you’re not happy for any reason, I offer a full refund – never been asked to give one, but the offer’s there.)

So book readings, learn, grow, clarify your thought processes and goals, and enjoy moving forward in a more informed way!!  If you’d like me to help you with that, feel free to get in touch.

(On a final note – the people in the photo are models. It’s a stock photo that I bought for this blog; it’s not the tarot reader I’ve described above!)