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The Tarot tells a story – your story.  It’s as simple as that. 

Using a deck of beautifully crafted cards that have been guiding people for over seven centuries, the Tarot reveals insight into your life. 

tarot | tarot by email | tarot readingsWhen you ask me to give you a reading, I interpret the cards’ secrets to help you understand where you are in life today.  The cards represent the factors that brought you here, your hopes, your fears and the way people or events around you are influencing what’s going on.  

The question you ask the Tarot should focus on a particular question.  This may relate to a topic such as your career, personal relationships, finances, travel or family matters.  People request readings for many reasons, from seeking spiritual guidance to choosing an alternative means of personal growth and development.

Anyone can learn to read the Tarot – it’s the ability to interpret the individual meanings in relation to the question being asked that’s the challenge.  It takes intuition and guidance from a higher level.  Some people believe it’s the universe talking, others that the information is led by spiritual guidance.  Certainly, much of the Tarot’s accuracy can’t be explained by science or common sense; that’s what makes this ancient process so mystical.

Your reading is a snapshot of your life at this present time.  It’s important to view it as a guide rather than a defined path.  If you receive a reading that you feel shows an unhappy path, you will be empowered to change your outcome to a more positive one. 

However you like to believe I receive your guidance – through spirits, angels or the universe, one thing is for sure – the process of helping you find solutions and direction is an insightful experience.  The feedback I receive from happy people that I’ve helped is surely magical!

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