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“A Tarot reading changed my life.” One woman’s story

People from all walks of life say they’ve experienced life-changing Tarot readings via personal study or from skilled card readers.

Here’s one Londoner’s story.


tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotA twenty-nine-year-old London journalist and social media expert with a degree from Kingston University, Hannah had long felt something was missing from her life.

Despite a successful blog, a stable relationship, close friends, and a beautiful home, by October 2016, “I felt like things weren’t aligning in my head the way they should be,” she reports.

During an American tour that included the mysterious Louisiana Bayou country – a centre for African-based spiritual folkways, her tour guide asked if she wanted a Tarot reading.

She’d left London seeking to understand where her life focus should be, and to come home with a clear idea of what she was intended to achieve with her life. So the answer was naturally “yes.”

The reader told Hannah she needed to pay more attention to the people around her and less attention to her own career, such as to her blog, vlog, and other online activities.

Hannah says she came away from the Tarot reading convinced that “to feel truly satisfied with myself, I need to focus on people… not on myself and my work… appreciating people and the moments without work and social media clouding over it.”

As she puts it, the cards “literally changed everything.”

Today she refers to the day of her reading as “The Hannah Gale Spiritual Awakening Day.” You can read about Hannah’s Tarot experience here.

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(Please note, the photo is not of Hannah; it’s a stock photo of a lovely lady, bought from Canva.com.)

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