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My mother first called in a spiritualist when I was 11 to discover why I kept speaking to an old lady perched on the end of my bed.  Her name was Annie and she wore a long black dress, her wiry grey hair pinned in a Victorian-style bun.  The spiritualist, a woman called Vi with pointy 70’s glasses and a lot of talk about auras, identified Annie as a spiritual guide.

It wasn’t a surprise; I had always displayed spiritual tendencies, which seemed natural enough, coming from a witchy family.  My grandmother was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and had an incredible sixth sense, and my mum is a healer.

Recently beginning my seventh spiritual cycle, two clairvoyants advised me that the time was right to begin reading the Tarot.  And almost immediately I realised I can intuitively connect with the cards.  So it’s gone from there….

I am not a traditional witch. I don’t spend my days popping frogs and lizards into a bubbling cauldron.  In fact, you’d be hard pushed to catch me anywhere near a saucepan!  By day I’m a business trainer and social media consultant, known for the last few years as Weekend Witch.  I have a masters degree in Applied Linguistics, an honours degree in English and Psychology and a neuro-linguistic programming certificate – so much of my time is spent advising the owners of small businesses to unblock their potential and move forward strategically. 

It’s been a natural progression to use the Tarot to help them understand their situation, identify potential stumbling blocks and see a clear way forward.  Setting up and running a small business is often so time-consuming that work and social life inevitably overlap. Those people found my help so useful in providing a clear vision for their lives that I decided to extend this service beyond simply helping businesses. So here I am, ready to help you…

With love,
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