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Ace of Pentacles: money is coming your way!


Tarot by Email | emailed tarot readings | london tarot readingsFor the Ace of Pentacles, the Rider Waite Tarot deck shows a hand appearing from a cloud in the sky holding a large pentacle or oversized coin. Below the hand is a flourishing garden with a profusion of roses and lilies and a path leading towards mountains in the distance. The card’s overall ambiance is of abundance, fruition, and wealth.

The suit of pentacle relates to money, work, and material possessions. It can also stand for ego and self-esteem.  Aces represent new beginnings and the genesis, potential, and the hope of the suit.

The Ace of Pentacles, then, suggests a new and prosperous beginning; it can indicate an unexpected change, such as a gift, bonus, prize, inheritance, or new friend. So the card is cause for optimism. The receiver is about to experience something new and positive, probably related to work or finances but sometimes related to self-confidence or ego. If you’re in a partnership, this card heralds a fresh start; if you’re single, it denotes enthusiasm as it encourages you to seek out new people.

This card means wealth, and not just in the financial sense. It tells you to look for and take advantage of new opportunities. It also cautions you to avoid ingratitude. Instead, be appreciative of the abundance in your life, feel blessed and deserving, and generate positive energy so you’ll receive the bounty that this card proclaims.

If success seems blocked or limited, suggested when this card is reversed, be advised to seek new and creative ways to achieve goals. Be sure to manage your resources wisely, avoiding overspending and excessive debt.

Overall, then, this cheerful minor arcana card tells you to be happy with what you have and be confident that more is coming your way. So realize life’s essential bounty and know that if you’re a good manager of your resources, abundance can appear where and when it’s least expected.

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