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Tarot for business

It might sound a bit weird to mix ‘professional’ business in the workplace with an advisory practice often seen as ‘wacky.’  But if you’re stuck with a specific business problem, consulting the Tarot can help you to understand your situation, identify potential stumbling blocks and see a clear way forward.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot LondonAs a business and marketing consultant with a life coaching qualification, a masters degree in Applied Linguistics, an honours degree in English and Psychology and a neuro-linguistic programming certificate, much of my time is spent advising business owners on how to unblock their potential and move forward strategically. Tarot is a tool to help do this.

Setting up and running a small business is often so time-consuming that work and social life inevitably overlap. The people I’ve helped through the business route have frequently found my help so useful in providing a clear vision for their lives that they become regular clients!


But don’t take my word for it!

Neil Thompson of The Delegate Wranglers says:
“We were lucky enough to work with the delightful Renée Wallen – who provided Tarot card readings to attendees at out Delegate Wranglers 10K Party last week at Fest in Camden and she was like a breathe of fresh air. To say that there was a constant queue of people all night was an understatement. She was amazing to work with, not only at the event, but also before and afterwards too. I seriously can’t wait to work with Renée again!”

To find out more, please email info@tarotbyemail.com.