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Can the Tarot help me to stop making the same mistakes in relationships?

tarot | zoomtarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotYes!! That’s the short answer!

The Tarot can certainly give guidance to help you. But what are the mistakes you’re making, then making again and again?

Whilst it would be great to be able to answer this on a personal level, it’s impossible to do so in a blog and without knowing the context, However, I can certainly provide you with a fictional scenario using Tarot card archetypes to address the question of how to stop repetitive relationship mistakes.


Let’s imagine a scenario where someone is struggling with repeated relationship mistakes and seeks guidance from the Tarot. We’ll do a seven card spread:

Situation: The Seeker keeps repeating relationship mistakes

The Seeker approaches the Tarot reader seeking guidance on how to break free from repeating the same relationship mistakes. They’ve noticed a pattern of rushing into relationships without considering their own needs and boundaries, leading to disappointment and heartache.

Card 1: The Fool (Reversed) – Representing Past Mistakes

The Fool in reverse suggests that the Seeker has been acting impulsively, jumping into relationships without a clear sense of direction. They’ve been repeating the same naive mistakes, not learning from their past experiences.

Card 2: The Hanged Man – Reflecting on the Situation

The Hanged Man indicates the need for a new perspective. The Seeker must take a step back and suspend their usual approach. It’s time to reflect on their patterns and consider how they’ve been contributing to their own cycle of disappointments.

Card 3: The Chariot – Taking Control

The Chariot represents the Seeker’s ability to take control of their impulses. They must harness their energy and determination to move forward intentionally. This card suggests setting clear intentions before rushing into a new relationship.

Card 4: The Lovers – Exploring Self-Love

The Lovers card encourages the Seeker to cultivate self-love and self-awareness. Before seeking love from others, they need to understand their own desires, values, and boundaries. This self-love will guide them toward healthier relationships.

Card 5: Temperance – Finding Balance

Temperance advises the Seeker to find balance in their approach to relationships. They should blend their desires with patience and careful consideration. Taking things slowly and allowing connections to develop naturally will lead to more meaningful partnerships.

Card 6: Judgment – Learning from Mistakes

The Judgment card signifies a wake-up call and a chance for the Seeker to learn from their past mistakes. They must confront their patterns and acknowledge the role they’ve played in creating their relationship experiences. This introspection will lead to personal growth.

Card 7: The Empress – Nurturing Relationships

The Empress symbolises nurturing and abundance. The Seeker must focus on creating relationships that are built on mutual care and respect. By tending to these connections and allowing them to flourish, they can break free from their old patterns.


In this fictional scenario, the Tarot cards serve as symbolic guides, offering insight and advice on how to stop making the same mistakes in relationships. Remember that Tarot interpretations vary widely, and the guidance provided here is just one possible interpretation.

(The beautiful cards in the photo are from the Ethereal Visions deck. They’re lovely, very delicate and swirly, but probably weren’t the best choice for a photo!)

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