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Do you know the Queen of Swords?

Tarot by email | Tarot readings | queen of swordsWhen a court card appears in a reading it often represents a person you know who is, or has, impacted on your life.  Or it could even be you…

The Queen of Swords is a sharp, intelligent woman – independent and feisty.  She’s got a quick tongue and is incredibly bright.   She’s got a fantastic, easy sense of humour and has no trouble laughing at herself.  You’d enjoy a night out with her, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to get on this queen’s wrong side!  She’s opinionated and can be cold-hearted.  This lady judges situations in an emotionless manner.  She’s quick to size up the situation and you’d have to get up pretty early to fool her.  She rules with her head rather than her heart and demands to know all the facts in her search to understand other people.  This is one woman who doesn’t beat around the bush – she calls a spade a spade and says exactly what’s on her mind.

Some of the queen’s strength comes from her own hard knocks in life.  She’s seen it all, done it all, and she’ll lay her cards on the table, expecting you to do the same.

If the Queen of Swords shows up in your reading she can indicate a need for you to think independently and logically, like her.  Look around you, not necessarily with the queen’s absolutely dispassionate approach, but with a clearer view of all the facts.

So, does she remind you of anyone?

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