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Feeling trapped? The Eight of Swords can set you free

Are you feeling bound up, unable to act, blind to your options? If so, don’t be surprised to see the Eight of Swords in your Tarot reading.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotIn the Herbal Tarot Deck, this card shows a seated figure bound and blindfolded, walled in by eight swords thrust into the ground; however, a giant plant grows right from under him, one that Native Americans used as an herbal remedy. The image in the Rider Waite deck is similar, except there’s no plant and the figure is a standing woman.

Either way, the suggestion is clear: you need to free yourself to see clearly and take action on a limiting situation.

And you can! Eights indicate strength. When they show up, they mean you have the power to assert control, with beneficial results. Eights also represent boundaries – in this case, the meaning is that you’ve set or accepted too many boundaries for yourself, or the wrong boundaries. It’s time to break free.

The suit of Swords often implies negativity. In this case, you may be in a negative situation – fenced in, bound, and blind to reality – but the good news is that this card encourages you to escape, and to know that you can do this.

Sometimes the Eight of Swords can represent your wish to avoid confrontations because you don’t want to hurt or anger others. Of course, this is admirable, but this attitude can keep you from acting in your best interests, especially when those around you are being selfish and inconsiderate.

This card is sometimes called “The Test,” because it shows that you’re being tested, perhaps by a person, by a situation such as your job, or by life in general. You’ve got a chance to show you have “the right stuff,” the inner strength to meet the demands put upon you. So make the effort – however tough it might be – and rise to the occasion. The Tarot believes you can.

Don’t be afraid. Trust in your ability to choose the right path, and you will.

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