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Giving Tarot readings in a police cell!

I spent last Friday night in a police cell! Yes, really!  And it wasn’t just any old police cell; it was one that the infamous villain Reggie Kray had stayed in just ten months before I was born!

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotThe beautiful 5* Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch was previously the main court for the area that’s now superbly trendy and dynamic, but was once seedy and rundown. The notorious Kray twins were regular “guests” of the police custodian, and their brutal faces are now painted on the beautifully decorated cell walls as testiment to their past.

I had been booked to provide the entertainment for a corporate event that saw a UK-based company bring together its teams from all across the globe.  I had a brilliant evening reading Tarot for people from New Jersey, Canada, Switzerland and Denmark – as well as a good number from England and Wales.

The organisers invited me to help myself from the delicious buffet, and indulge in a couple of glasses of bubbly – I thanked them for the food but declined the fizz – I never drink when I’m being paid to read Tarot!

The evening was wonderful and the feedback I received was lovely. The event planner, Luci, messaged me on Facebook to say:

“Thanks Renée, my clients loved you. I got superb feedback. Such a fun addition to the event and thank you for being so flexible (working an extra hour due to high demand on the night).”

Yes, they enjoyed it so much and the queue was so long, that the client asked me to stay for an extra hour.

This testimonial was followed by another great response from a previous client:

“Renée is fab!! There was a queue of people waiting to chat with her at our #DW10K party. #highlyrecommended”
(Thank you both!)
If you’re planning an event and thinking about entertainment, Tarot is fun and always draws a curious crowd. I’m available for parties and events in London and Essex, and taking bookings now right up to Christmas 2019!! There’s more info about corporate and party bookings here.

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