Tarot by Email

Your personalised Tarot reading with The Weekend Witch

How it works

When you ask me for a full reading, I won’t ask you anything other than your choice of ten numbers and the question you would like answered.  I don’t need to know your name, date of birth, job title or shoe size.  I don’t need a photo and I won’t be searching you out on Facebook.  Some people feel more comfortable sharing these personal details and that’s great as it strengthens the connection, but it’s not essential. 

If you focus on a specific question your reading will guide you towards its answer.  If you prefer not to tell me what’s on your mind that’s ok too.  It’s completely up to you whether you choose to tell me or not – your reading will be just as accurate either way.

This is what happens…

  1. I ask you to give me ten numbers from 1-78.  tarot readings | Email tarot readingsYou can give them in numerical order or randomly, it doesn’t matter.  The cards that are meant to show up in your particular reading will show up – and in the right place.
  2. You can choose whether or not to tell me the question you would like the tarot to answer.  If you prefer to have a general reading without a specific focus, that’s fine.  I won’t ask you for a photo or any other details.  You’re welcome to give them, as personal details like these strengthen the connection, but your reading will be the same either way.
  3. I shuffle the Tarot thoroughly seven times then cut the pack.  If you gave me a specific question for the cards to answer I think about that while I’m shuffling.
  4. I count out the cards according to your chosen numbers and lay them out in the traditional ten-card ‘Celtic Cross’ spread.
  5. I read each card in order then see how it relates to what’s gone before.  I take into account the symbolism in each card, its description, its position in the spread and its relationship to other aspects of your reading.
  6. I use my knowledge of the cards and my intuition to decipher the story that your cards tell.  I do not cut and paste generic descriptions of the cards; I let the universe guide your reading.  I provide sensible links between your conscious and subconscious mind; your past, present and future; and your attitude, fears and external influences.
  7. For ethical reasons I won’t answer questions about other people, illegal issues or explicit health issues.
  8. You’ll receive your written report of your reading as a Word document.  This will explain each card’s meaning based on all the factors, plus an overview of your spread, a summary and a photo of your cards. 

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