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King of Wands – a man of action, creativity, passion and energy

Depicting wildlife, fairies, and gnomes, the Forest Folklore Tarot is inspired by an ancient woodland in Southern England, not that far from where I live. In this deck, the King of Wands sports pointed pixie ears and sits smiling and confident, clasping a thin wand with a glowing tip. In the traditional Rider Waite deck, he’s dressed as a Medieval king and holds a six-foot staff that sprouts leaves.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot LondonKings signify dynamic forces and action or the need to take action. The suit of Wands reminds us about creativity, intuition, and inner strength, as well as passion and energy. It’s also associated with the element of fire – hot, wild, and unpredictable!

The King of Wands, then, is a card of action, creativity, passion, and energy.

Because it’s a court card, if you pull this king he may stand for qualities in your own personality, describe you completely, or point to another person, all depending on whereabouts he sits in your spread.

If a person, he’s an adult (or an “old soul” type of child), a mature man (probably forty plus), ofteb ginger- or sandy-haired with bluey green eyes. He is cheerful, enthusiastic, self-confident, and outdoorsy or athletic. The type to move mountains with his enthusiasm, he lights a fire under anyone and gets things moving. As a King, he’s probably a boss or has strong leadership qualities. (Note: The card may represent a woman if she is strong-willed.) This person is ikely to be a fire sign in astrology: Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

When the King stands for qualities rather than for an actual person, it can mean enhancing your own self-confidence, creativity, and leadership abilities – you have a strong potential for all of these.

This King is here to remind you of the need to have a vision and goals. If you’re experiencing challenges in life, the card encourages you to “keep your eye on the prize” and know that your journey may have bumps along the way to a positive outcome.

The King of Wands may herald an upcoming and unexpected opportunity, perhaps related to your work, to something creative, or to a social or romantic situation. Speaking of romance, the King of Wands is a good omen for a relationship – perhaps a positive change will occur soon in an existing relationship, or a new one is on the horizon!

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