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Exciting Tarot Card Readings for Your Next Party or Event

The following advice comes from my friend Kathryn, who lives in mystical Sedona where the mountains glow blood red and the people have an extra touch of ESP.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotWhether it’s a hen do, birthday party or a corporate event, Tarot adds colour, fun and excitement to any gathering.

Here’s how to arrange the perfect Tarot event…

The Space

Decide whether you want the Tarot reader to be the focal point or an addition to the main event.

If she’s the focal point, put her in a highly-visible and easily accessible spot. If she’s secondary to a larger theme (such as at a wedding reception or baby shower), choose a quiet corner or a separate room.

Your Tarot reader may have her own decorations for the space, or you may wish to provide a décor that compliments the design of the venue and that harmonises with your party’s theme.

Make sure there’s a small table and two comfortable chairs. Add a velvet table covering, perhaps some colourful scarves, plus a candle for atmosphere – and you’ve created the perfect “sacred space.”

Party Favours

It’s a lovely idea to complement the readings with party favours. These might include crystals, figurines, books, jewellery, essential-oil fragrances or good luck charms – the sky’s the limit! You may wish to create a special “swag bag” or “goodie pack” containing these mystical objects as a take-away for each guest.

The Reader

Of course, the essential component of the event is your Tarot reader. Find someone who’s experienced, who has the look and attitude you want, and who fits within your budget. Specify how long you want each reading to last – although this may vary depending on how many people are at your event, as a good corporate or party Tarot reader won’t want any of your guests to leave disappointed. And if you want her to wear a distinct costume, make that – and any other special requirements – clear from the outset.

A Tarot reader is a great conversation starter and icebreaker, and you’ll find that once the event begins, even non-believers will excitedly exchange information about their personal readings!

I’d love to chat with you about your Tarot party needs, so to find out more, please email info@tarotbyemail.com.

In addition, I offer emailed readings to suit a range of budgets. You’ll get a written overview of your personalised reading, plus a detailed explanation of each expressive card. You’ll also receive a photo of your card layout. Click here to receive your Email Tarot reading within the next few days.

I am the Weekend Witch, and I can’t wait to help you meet your destiny!