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The Chariot – a ride towards victory

The Rider Waite deck shows the head-on image of an armoured man standing under a star-studded canopy in a chariot drawn by a black sphinx and a white one.

Tarot by Email | emailed tarot readings | london tarot readingsAt lucky number seven in the major arcana of the Tarot deck, the Chariot is a card of victory. Indeed, in some decks the card is called Victory.

This is a card of determination: of ambition, of getting things done, of proving you can win. But it may not be an easy success. Just as it takes physical and mental energy to manage the beasts that pull a racing chariot, this card recommends control, endurance, and strength of purpose to achieve a hard-won triumph.

Along the way, the black and white steeds might pull in different directions, leading to confusion, disunity, and indecision. There might be rough roads, unexpected detours, and traffic jams along the way. But when the animals are well-fed and well-trained, harnessed with the right equipment, and firmly controlled with discipline and self-confidence, few forces can block the chariot. It will charge full-speed ahead.

But be aware that this card is also a warning against being ruthless, unquestioningly loyal, and overly committed to winning regardless of the cost. This is especially true when it’s reversed. So don’t collapse under pressure or lose your direction. Be firm and committed, but not heartless and brutal. Know that winning isn’t everything and shouldn’t be the only thing.

This evocative and energetic major arcana card assures the possibility of success even against seemingly insurmountable odds. So have faith in your plans, your talent, and your convictions. Encourage partners and teammates to set aside their differences and work together. And overcome your own doubts. If you’re properly prepared, nothing that can stand in your way.

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