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The joy of Death

I’ve been spending some time in the Scottish hills, becoming at one with nature.  It’s hard, being a city girl, to adapt to lanes full of sheep blocking the path, spiders and a lack of wifi…

One of the highlights of my trip has been visiting local graveyards.  Creepy, I know, but I love the peacefulness of the ivy-clad ruined stone collections with elegant Victorian writing swirling across; faint now, but still readable.  The grass squelches below and kestrels hover above as I wander with my friend through these tiny churchyards and, sometimes, graveyards set on a hillside miles from anywhere.

There was a tradition here in the Scottish borders to name the place where the person died.  In the local graveyard, several people are buried who died in this very cottage where I’m staying.  There’s an air of calm here, and a constant chill.  Is death the end?


Turning the Death card in a Tarot reading definitely isn’t finality.  It simply means that something is ending in order for something better to begin.  It’s a fresh start, a new challenge and should be viewed as excitement and a welcome change.

The Death card is nothing to fear.  It offers an opportunity to reassess the main issues in your life and clarify where the path ahead of you turns in a new direction.  If you receive this symbol of change, embrace it.  Take joy in the knowledge that something new is beginning.  You’ll be pleased you did!