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Four of Cups

A figure sits tranquilly under a tree. Behind him is an azure sky, and three cups stand on the grass, easily within his reach. A fairy hand offers a fourth cup—but he’s lost in his thoughts and doesn’t notice. This is how the Rider Waite Tarot deck depicts the Four of Cups.

Tarot by Email | emailed tarot readings | london tarot readingsCups cards deal with emotions: feelings, love, relationships. They reflect heart-felt responses, as opposed to actions based on logic and reason. Of course, emotions have a negative side—too little or too much is rarely a good thing.

Fours are all about stability and steadiness.

These two ideas—emotions and stability—would seem to be at odds with each other, and this is the dynamic nature of the Four of Cups!

In the Rider Waite image, the meditating man is so tranquil and focused on the three cups that he fails to see what else is right before him: a gift or an unexpected opportunity. Because it’s a cup, it probably has to do with love—but alas, he’s oblivious to it.

When reversed or in a negative position relative to other cards, the Four of Cups may warn against wishful thinking, lack of gratitude, and taking your blessings for granted. It may also mean you’re suppressing your emotions and that you need to lighten up or take time to dream.

Either way, too much stability and too much focus on your own emotions are bad things. Have you become too self-absorbed? Are you lately a bit apathetic? If so, work on breaking free and on moving outside your own head. Don’t be afraid to give others a glimpse of your emotions, and don’t fear risks—especially emotional ones. Seek out new prospects, people, goals, and ideas.

And above all, be open to a new opportunity—especially one having to do with love. It may appear when and where you least expect it.

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