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In these uncertain times, the Five of Cups teaches us to focus on the positives

In this strange new reality we’re all living in, it’s inevitable that many people will feel depressed, miserable, caged in.  After all – our liberty has been snatched away from us. There’s so much to feel sad about – not seeing our friends, not being close to our families, possibly losing money from not being able to work. And for some, the pain and uncertainty of illness – our own or our loved ones – or worse.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotAt first glance, the image on the Five of Cups card in the Rider Waite Tarot deck seems to be one of sadness. A black-cloaked figure looks down at three cups whose contents are spilled on the ground. But behind and unnoticed by him are two more cups, standing upright and unspilled.

The Five of Cups, also known as the “Spilled Cups” card, advises you to focus on your blessings, rather than your misfortunes, and to feel gratitude. The Five of Cups is here to remind you that even in the devastation of grief, you still have resources left to you.

As a Tarot card suit, Cups deal with displays of emotions, love, feelings, relationships, connections, and with the roles that things play in your own life, especially with regard to the people and things around you. In the current world of instability and loss, we can find gratitude in the face of these charcteristics.

The negative side of this card is that you’re too focused on what you don’t have. Struggling to hold on to what is already gone, and spending too much time mourning past losses – these  only lead to suffering. Like the figure on the card, you may need to turn around and celebrate that fact that nearly half your cups are still standing upright!

The Five of Cups may also warn you to avoid a possible future loss, and to avoid focusing on loss in the present and losses of the past. Try to replace sorrow and regret with happiness and optimism. Every loss opens new possibilities for growth and change. Just think – every day we’re in social isolation is day closer to the pandemic ending and our world, hopefully, returning to normality.

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Raise a glass to the Two of Cups

In the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck, the Two of Cups card depicts a couple in medieval dress facing each other holding huge golden chalices, while a winged lion hovers above them.

In the whimsical Housewives Tarot, a smiling couple in 1950s-style clothes hold hands as each stands in a giant wine glass.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot LondonTwos in the Tarot typically involve balance, harmony, and partnerships. The suit of Cups represents emotions and feelings. So when this card appears, these issues will soon become important in your life – if they aren’t already.

The Two of Cups may herald a need for balance in your emotions. In the traditional deck, the couple are oblivious to the beast lurking above them, and they’re maintaining harmony in their relationship in the face of what might be a threat or, at best, a distraction. In the Housewives Tarot, the red liquid in the glasses could be wine, but the couple appear calm and happy, not irrational or overcome by drunkenness.

Are you expecting too much from a relationship? The Two of Cups may be telling you to accept the good parts without demanding the moon. And note that the pairing in question may not be a romantic one—it could be a business partnership, or a relationship with a parent, sibling, or child.

Regardless of the type of relationship, this card advocates for fairness, reason, and impartiality. It may also hint that a broken bond is about to be mended via forgiveness and by leaving behind past grievances, or that two opposite types will soon be brought together.

Bear in mind that the Two of Cups is one of the luckiest cards in the tarot for relationships, whether romantic, business or family. It’s about raising a glass to each other and to what lies ahead. If you can’t think of a partnership to which it applies, a new one may be just beyond the horizon. And although it might not be exciting, fiery, and passionate, it is likely to be grounded in respect, honour, and mutual sharing.

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A card for the weekend – Wheel of Fortune

I’ve done three readings this morning and the Wheel of Fortune has shown up twice! Good news for the querants. (That’s the word for people receiving the reading.)  Positive change is coming…

The premise surrounding the Tarot is that we set our paths in life, but we’re subject to the larger cycles that surround us.  Our destinies may appear pre-determined, and things that happen by chance, or fate, seem to be accidents – but they’re really only a small part in the great scheme of things.

The appearance of the Wheel of Fortune shows the wider perspective.

As with any wheel, this one indicates a change in direction, rapid movement and energy.  Things are on the up!  Major changes are coming – and they’re coming soon!  They may be such dramatic changes that you’re forced to take a new path, maybe one that you’d never even considered before.  If you draw this card, you may be suspended in the centre of the wheel, experiencing the whoosh of movement going on around you but maintaining your stability amidst the turmoil of change – or you may be going with flow, sweeping upwards in the cycles of life, love and fortune.

As we all know, there are always going to be ups and downs.  If life sometimes seems challenging, you can be sure there will be smoother times ahead.  And that’s great, because we always appreciate good times more if we’ve known some tough ones.  We become better equipped to see things in perspective and take that wider view which this card offers.

We can’t change the Wheel of Fortune; it’s set by outside forces.  To choose this card means destiny is working in your favour and all you need do is ride with it and adapt accordingly.  As the wheel goes up, take advantage of the opportunities opening up, looking optimistically at whatever it is the universe has in store for you.

The Wheel is a circle – it’s the epitome of completeness, no ending and no beginning.  There’s an old saying that I strongly believe in: “What goes around comes around.”  When the chips are down, for you or people around you, remember that as the wheel goes up, you want the good energy to flow with you.  Stay kind, positive and neutral, and always look at the wider picture.

Card of the day – Six of Pentacles

six of pentaclesI’ve taken a card at random to represent a snapshot of the day – and it’s a six for the sixth!! 

The Six of Pentacles reflects material security and charitable giving.  It indicates that you may be making a money-related choice today – perhaps you’ll choose to pop a coin in the charity box at the supermarket checkout later, or drop off some goods at the local charity shop.

As we all know, well balanced finances keep life happy and healthy.  You may be thinking about loaning money to a friend or relative in need.  I have already heard today: “Mum, can I have…?!”   

Or perhaps you’ll find yourself choosing to do something specifically to make money today. I know a few people who’ve been talking about sticking unwanted items on eBay… well this is a great day for that!

Today’s Tarot card comes from the fabulous ‘Housewives tarot’ – a pack designed with nostalgic 1950’s retro iconography.  The pictures are very Mad Men.  This cheeky little chap might not have finances on his mind, but what a lovely choice he’s faced with!!  Look out for more of the Housewives Tarot in the coming weeks…