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The Three of Swords doesn’t always play out as you’d expect

My American friend Kathryn is scared of the doctor!  It’s strange, as she comes from a family of medics, but nevertheless, she doesn’t like visiting the surgery. In the town where she lives, doctors are proactive in encouraging patients to get tested for various things, such as diabetes and kidney function.  So, the medical receptionist called Kathryn to book a blood test, but Kathryn didn’t want to go and politely refused.  The receptionist called again. And again.  After several calls, Kathryn still downright refused to go. She’s healthy, feels great and absolutely did not want a needle poked in her arm without specific good reason.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotHowever, the receptionist was – without exaggeration – a bully, who wouldn’t stop calling – she even called Kathryn’s best friend to tell her to send Kathryn to the surgery! That wouldn’t be allowed in England as it would be seen as a breach of patient confidentiality.

Anyway, Kathryn got really upset with the receptionist, who was continuing to call and scaremonger her into having blood taken. Eventually started to panic, Kathryn drew herself a Tarot card – and was horrified to pull the Three of Swords. This card can be particularly upsetting as its imagery – especially in the Rider Waite deck, is of a floating heart being pierced by three sharp swords. It signifies a breakup and loss, usually accompanied by intense sadness, emotional suffering and great disappointment.

Kathryn viewed the card as sign of doom and gloom, heartbreak on the horizon and reason to be worried. But actually, the image couldn’t be more appropriate for a simple blood test! A heart – the supplier of blood, and three sharp stabbing implements!! (Needles in arms…) It didn’t automatically mean heartbreak.

Still, whatever the pictoral and emotional connotation of the card, the fact that it appeared alongside a dispute over a blood test meant there would be no harm in getting the test to make sure there were no physical problems with her heart.

And, thankfully, the bottom line here is that Kathryn is absolutely fine. She had the test and now she can relax in the knowledge that everything is functioning as it should. But here’s what’s interesting…

The bullying receptionist got fired!!  The doctor had overheard her being nasty to Kathryn on the phone, and it turned out that she had a history of being overly forceful to the point of upsetting patients.  Feedback to the surgery frequently stated that the medical care was great but the admin woman was offensive.

So Kathryn’s negative and distressing relationship with the receptionist came to an abrupt end as the woman lost her job due to her unacceptable behaviour. The Tarot card’s message was fulfilled twofold.

Have you ever been faced with a card that you didn’t like, couldn’t interpret or provided a mixed message?  If you’re stuck at a crossroads of have a difficult decision to make, I’ll be happy to show you the way. You can get in touch here.

I am the Weekend Witch, and I can’t wait to help you meet your destiny!


(Just to mention, the photo is a stock image – the lovely nurse is probably a model; she’s certainly not the battleaxe doctor’s receptionist described in this blog!)

Do you know the Queen of Swords?

Tarot by email | Tarot readings | queen of swordsWhen a court card appears in a reading it often represents a person you know who is, or has, impacted on your life.  Or it could even be you…

The Queen of Swords is a sharp, intelligent woman – independent and feisty.  She’s got a quick tongue and is incredibly bright.   She’s got a fantastic, easy sense of humour and has no trouble laughing at herself.  You’d enjoy a night out with her, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to get on this queen’s wrong side!  She’s opinionated and can be cold-hearted.  This lady judges situations in an emotionless manner.  She’s quick to size up the situation and you’d have to get up pretty early to fool her.  She rules with her head rather than her heart and demands to know all the facts in her search to understand other people.  This is one woman who doesn’t beat around the bush – she calls a spade a spade and says exactly what’s on her mind.

Some of the queen’s strength comes from her own hard knocks in life.  She’s seen it all, done it all, and she’ll lay her cards on the table, expecting you to do the same.

If the Queen of Swords shows up in your reading she can indicate a need for you to think independently and logically, like her.  Look around you, not necessarily with the queen’s absolutely dispassionate approach, but with a clearer view of all the facts.

So, does she remind you of anyone?