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Feeling Stuck? Need Guidance? Try Tarot Life Coaching!

“Extreme life coaching is all the rage” according to a recent article in The Guardian. The article attributes one reason for this to the ever-present human need for fulfilment. And this is truer now than ever before, with the additional pressures brought by lockdowns and the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotA life coach is as a kind of therapist. So what’s the difference? “A therapist can help you with mental health difficulties, diagnosis, and assessment,” according to licensed professional counsellor and certified mental health provider, Whitney White. However, she acknowledges that a life coach “can help you with coaching thought to improve performance, develop your potential, help you with solutions, provide direction, and with assistance in goal setting.”



And those who need this kind of help are increasingly turning to Tarot readers.

A traditional Tarot reading uses the cards to answer a particular question; but Tarot coaching goes far beyond this.

Some refer to Tarot coaching as “transformational tarot readings.” The readings can do more than just predict whether your daughter will be married soon or if you’ll get that new job you’ve applied for.

Tarot coaching sessions are designed to help you align with your highest potential. They’re especially useful if you feel stuck in a rut, or trapped in a mindset that no longer serves you, or you’re in need of guidance for a major life change.

So is a simple Tarot reading enough for you, or do you need Tarot coaching?

That depends on your situation. If you fall down and skin your elbow, you may only need a sticking plaster. But if you break a bone, you’ve got a bigger problem. And that requires a bigger solution.

A Tarot coaching session — or a series of them — is intended to help you with those “bigger problems” that life sometimes throws at you.

Tarot coaching may help you:

  • eliminate (or at least minimise) the negative self talk that’s holding you back
  • recognise why and how you need to end a toxic relationship for your greatest good, or give you the courage to break free of an old and destructive habit
  • gain a new kind of control in your daily life.

Many of us have had our daily lives drastically changed during 2020, and this may be exactly what you need to bring you more satisfaction and fulfilment, or simply to help you cope with the many challenges this year has brought us. Ideally, you’ll come away from Tarot life coaching with a better understanding of how to best set yourself up for success, both during this pandemic and beyond.

Want more information about Tarot cards and readings? As well as coaching, I’m pleased to offer single-card, three-card, and Celtic Cross ten-card readings at various price ranges, all via email or face-to-face across Zoom or Skype.

And, although the world is an uncertain place right now, if you’re planning a party – whether it’s an intimate get-together or a large-scale event, consider adding the excitement of Tarot readings. I’d love to chat with you, so to find out more, please email info@tarotbyemail.com.

I am the Weekend Witch, and I can’t wait to help you meet your destiny!