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Choices, choices. The Two of Swords waits for your decision

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotIn these strange times many of our normal choices are limited. We’d usually choose where to go, what restaurants to eat in, what to see at the cinema – even what clothes to wear. Some days don’t you just feel like staying in your jimjams?

For many, business decisions have been curtailed – and decisions on who we see, meet or date have been postponed.

To a certain degree it’s nice not to have to make decisions.

Yet all too often, despite the circumstances – whatever they may be – we often feel blinded by indecision, unable to choose between two alternatives. Do you ever feel that? If so, welcome to the world of the Two of Swords.

The card in the Rider Waite deck shows a rigid, blindfolded figure wearing white and seated before a large body of water with a crescent moon in the sky behind her. She holds two swords in her crossed arms.

Swords can carry negative meanings such as hunger for power, oppression of others, or blind ambition. However, they can also designate the positive qualities of thinking and communication. Twos obviously communicate dualities as well as dilemmas, two extremes, or a need for patience.

If the Two of Swords appears in your reading, especially if it’s reversed or positioned negatively, it may suggest that you’re blocking your emotions or refusing to accept a truth. You may also be ignoring the factors that can help you make an important choice, resulting in a stalemate situation.

The Two of Swords can relate to partnerships or balance. It may also indicate a need for give and take in a relationship.

The lesson of this card is the need for moderation and openness. If you’re in a conflict of any type, it’s time to resolve it. If you’ve been putting off a decision, it’s time to make it. As you do, be patient and gentle with yourself, and you’ll be more likely to find the peace of mind that we all hope for.

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