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The excitement of a Tarot Cards Party – and the history behind them

Do you get excited about holidays such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter? Do you have fun dressing in a costume, or receiving a brightly wrapped gift, or dying eggs in festive colours? Most of us do, even though we don’t necessarily believe in hauntings, Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny.

The same principal works for Tarot cards. A Tarot reading is exciting and fun, even if you’re a sceptic about fortune telling!

Long a fun pastime, Tarot cards date from the Renaissance. The first playing-card decks were brought to Europe from the Middle East in the 1300s, and by the 1400s printed decks were widely produced. In fact, playing cards competed with devotional images as the most common uses for woodcuts. Wealthy gamers played with hand-painted decks, sometimes with added cards, such as our modern Jokers.

Because all gamblers are aware of the power of “luck,” it’s not surprising that the cards were quickly associated with good (or bad) fortune, and by extension, with fortune-telling.

The first documented Tarot decks date back to the mid-1400s in Italy, where added cards bore allegorical illustrations about such things as “Strength” and “Justice.”

The word “Tarot” probably comes from an Italian word related to “fun.” And that brings us back to the fun you can have with a Tarot reading.

Remember, you don’t have to give credence to ghosts and witches to have fun on Halloween. And you don’t have to believe in fortune telling to experience the excitement of a Tarot card reading. But if those cards predict a charismatic new lover, a happy job change, or a financial windfall – well, you just might find yourself becoming a believer!

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