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Will you be suffering a little Moon madness?

With a full moon looming on Friday 13th, what better card to pop up than The Moon itself?!

tarot by email tarot reading, the Moon, Rider WaiteThe Moon is the card of dreams and the unconscious.  It represents intuition and inner light as we travel on our way to a higher consciousness – although this might be a dim, vague light – the moon doesn’t always shine brightly.  It’s the mysterious face peering down on us, throwing shadows and creating glints of light that shimmer and then vanish.

Many writers say that the Moon inspires and enchants – and reams of song lyrics agree. But the world of night and shadow is an unknown one, and can be scary.  In a reading, the Moon can reflect anxiety, fear and uncertainty, an indication that we’re losing our way in the glimmering glow of moonlight.  If you draw this card, it can be a sign that you need to find your way back to a known path.  Your inner fears may be seeping into your wakefulness, and repressed feelings and upsetting memories may be coming alive and causing you distress during the day.  This shows a need to acknowledge those feelings and deal with them – in other words, put them to bed! 

The Moon can also indicate negative traits, such as secret motives and hidden truths.  It’s an illusion, deceptive and it can be a reminder that you must be aware of what’s going on and look around you clearly.  The Moon is a card of the night, so stop day-dreaming.  If you’re idealising a situation or letting your imagination run away with you, wake up and take a good hard look around.  And remember, things always look clearer in the light of day.

It’s been said that we live our lives in a feeling of being comfortable with what we know, and we turn our backs on the ‘mysterious universe’ outside of our comfort zone – only occasionally peeking out, sometimes through our imagination or, for some people, through heightened experiences – like drugs or alcohol.  Moon madness was a commonly diagnosed ‘ailment’ in centuries gone by.  If you doubt your own sanity, like I often do (!!) you might be wise to stay in on Friday night!!