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A card for the weekend – Wheel of Fortune

I’ve done three readings this morning and the Wheel of Fortune has shown up twice! Good news for the querants. (That’s the word for people receiving the reading.)  Positive change is coming…

The premise surrounding the Tarot is that we set our paths in life, but we’re subject to the larger cycles that surround us.  Our destinies may appear pre-determined, and things that happen by chance, or fate, seem to be accidents – but they’re really only a small part in the great scheme of things.

The appearance of the Wheel of Fortune shows the wider perspective.

As with any wheel, this one indicates a change in direction, rapid movement and energy.  Things are on the up!  Major changes are coming – and they’re coming soon!  They may be such dramatic changes that you’re forced to take a new path, maybe one that you’d never even considered before.  If you draw this card, you may be suspended in the centre of the wheel, experiencing the whoosh of movement going on around you but maintaining your stability amidst the turmoil of change – or you may be going with flow, sweeping upwards in the cycles of life, love and fortune.

As we all know, there are always going to be ups and downs.  If life sometimes seems challenging, you can be sure there will be smoother times ahead.  And that’s great, because we always appreciate good times more if we’ve known some tough ones.  We become better equipped to see things in perspective and take that wider view which this card offers.

We can’t change the Wheel of Fortune; it’s set by outside forces.  To choose this card means destiny is working in your favour and all you need do is ride with it and adapt accordingly.  As the wheel goes up, take advantage of the opportunities opening up, looking optimistically at whatever it is the universe has in store for you.

The Wheel is a circle – it’s the epitome of completeness, no ending and no beginning.  There’s an old saying that I strongly believe in: “What goes around comes around.”  When the chips are down, for you or people around you, remember that as the wheel goes up, you want the good energy to flow with you.  Stay kind, positive and neutral, and always look at the wider picture.