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Tarot Cards that seem scary but are not

Some cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck look scary, and it can be frightening when they appear in your reading. Here’s a quick glance at some not-really-scary Tarot cards.

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This card rarely forecasts a literal death. It’s symbolic, and some deaths are good: the death of financial problems, for example, or the death of loneliness. So when you see this card, it won’t mean you’re about to kick the bucket, it means something is ending for something new – and usually better – to begin!

The Devil

The card shows Satan with a naked couple in chains. But it isn’t about demonic possession. It may refer to someone in bondage to something harmful, such as debt or nicotine. This card advises you to get rid of destructive influences in your life.

The Tower

The Tower depicts people falling from a turret struck by lightning. Does it mean disaster? Possibly, but often not. A sudden and unexpected change is coming, and this can be positive. There’s a chance something will happen that you might feel is devastating at the time, but – just like a building that comes crashing down – it gives you the opportunity to build up again in just the way that suits you!

The Suit of Swords

The suit of Swords contains numerous scary cards, such as the Ten, which shows a man impaled and bleeding. But Swords are “double-edged” and may be good or bad. Generally they signify action, change, and strong emotions; they’re intellectual cards, and have multiple interpretations.

The Five of Pentacles

This Five shows a couple in rags limping through the snow. But it doesn’t forecast destitution. It can, instead, be a caution not to try “keeping up with the Joneses” or against irrational fears of poverty that may lead you to miserliness. The card also shows an illuminated church window, symbolizing hope and support nearby.

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