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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

I do not read for young people under the age of 18.  

I reserve the right to decline requests for readings without explanation if I feel they are inappropriate or unsuitable.  I would refund any payment already made if this were the case.

I am unable to offer advice or guidance relating to other people, health matters, or to foretell a death.

All of my readings aim to give you advice and guidance, so please treat them as such.  How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision. Please be aware that by booking a reading with me you take full responsibility for any decisions you may make as a result of that reading. I accept no liability whatsoever for any actions you take as a result of the reading.  You must always use common sense and speak to an appropriate and qualified specialist, if required, regarding legal, financial or medical matters.


Once an order has been placed for a reading, I endeavor to complete it as soon as possible.    This may be a couple of days, but it could equally be within a few hours.  An order cannot be cancelled and refunded if the reading has been started.

I will give a full refund if the reading has not yet begun, without question, in compliance with the Distance Selling Regulations and Consumer Rights Act 2015.. 

If you are unhappy with your reading, please email me within seven days.  I will do my best to resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction and in line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.. 


All prices on this website are in Sterling GB Pounds (£).

Privacy policy

I will not sell or exchange your personal information or otherwise pass it on to anyone else.  All information that is given to me is in the strictest confidence and used only for the purpose of processing your order.  I comply with the Data Protection Act 1988.


I do not purposely store cookies or refer to your information at a later date.  Your information is not shared with anyone, through any means.

The Equality Act 2010

This service does not discriminate against anyone, on any grounds.

Legal disclaimer

Please note that readings are for guidance only. Nothing is 100% set in stone. If you are not happy with something, only you can change it. For legal reasons I have to advise you that, due to the differing opinions as to the true nature of psychic ability, for legal purposes all of the services offered from this site have to be classified for entertainment purposes. This is a legal requirement.

The following disclaimer was created by the Spiritual Workers Association of the United Kingdom.

This Tarot reading is classed as Spiritualistic Service Provision. As such it is my duty to inform you that under the ‘Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008’ which came into force on 26 May 2008, which also implement the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD) in the UK, the services that you are seeking have either not been scientifically proven to exist or do not conform to the accepted “norm” of society at present.

Therefore you should understand that you seek the said services of your own free will. As a question of faith and trust in the service I provide I ask you to consider your own mental state when undertaking the service. If you feel you are personally vulnerable, are currently undergoing medical treatment for a mental health issue or taking antidepressants, you should consult with a friend or family member and seek medical advice as to whether this service is suitable for you.

Please understand that you are paying for my time at the agreed amount and not for any actual or perceived results or outcomes. Furthermore the service I give can be described as subjective and under no circumstance should you act directly upon any advice given without first making a personal choice as to the validity of any such advice. Remember that you have personal responsibility for the actions in your own life.

In compliance with the Data Protection act of 1988 I do not keep written records.  It should be noted that I am a member of a self-regulating trade organisation within my chosen profession and have agreed to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you should receive this service I urge you to consult fully with any relevant parties prior to engaging into this Service Contract.