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The feminine charms of The Empress bring you creativity and abundance

The Empress in the Tarot represents the epitome of femininity: the creative, the fertile, the life giver, the mother. This card in the Rider Waite deck shows a beautiful seated woman crowned with stars who holds aloft a powerful sceptre. The garden that surrounds her reflects nature all its abundance and glory.

Tarot by Email | emailed tarot readings | london tarot readingsAs a Major Arcana card, the Empress represents one of the most commanding forces in the Tarot – this card should never be ignored. Coming in the first third of the Major Arcana, it stands for your own personal means of empowering yourself.

The card relates not only to the feminine, but also to the good life, luxury, and the enhancements of material world. If reversed or poorly positioned, the card may be saying that you or someone close to you is letting your material desires lead in the wrong direction, or show materialistic people using their influence in negative ways.

Sometimes the Empress can stand for a person; if this is the case, the person may be a lover of luxury, or someone who has something material to offer. This is probably a woman, but not always.

In addition to abundance and new life, from the Empress come sensual pleasures and joys, as well as connections with the natural world as represented by her garden. She can also indicate a happy pregnancy or the coming birth of a successful new project or endeavour.

The Empress may suggest that material rewards are on the horizon, but you should bear in mind the need to maintain generosity and openness. Keep both feet firmly planted on Mother Earth as you receive her bountiful goodness.

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