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The Hermit – could this be the real Santa?

Some people proudly claim to be in their hermitage perhaps 70 to 80 percent of the time. As we only see Santa Claus for a brief few weeks – in  shopping centres, visiting schools, hospitals and charity centres – and then a quick jaunt around the world on Christmas Eve, it’s quite likely that he epitomises the Hermit!

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotThe percentages may change, but most of us like to have our “hermitage time” or quiet period. The Hermit tells you this is necessary for a happy, healthy life.

A Major Arcana card, the Hermit represents solitude and contemplation. It advises you to take time for yourself, and to retreat into your own private world. Once there, you can quietly assess your life, make vital decisions, and prepare to take important steps forward.

Many Tarot decks, such as the Rider Waite deck or the Old English Tarot, show the Hermit as an elderly man carrying a lantern. He’s not hiding in a cave. Instead, he’s out walking.

If the Hermit steps into your reading, know that it’s a card of introspection. His lantern symbolises the shining light of your own inner wisdom. You have the ability to sort things out once you’re free from worldly distractions. But don’t withdraw permanently and become a true hermit, even though you may find others to be irritating.

This card is also about putting on the brakes. It’s time to call a halt to frantic activities, and look within. Or perhaps a relationship is moving too quickly.

The Hermit recommends backing away from those pressuring you. Go off on your own to deliberate. Make the decision that you know is best.

Finally, the card may counsel guidance from wise teachers, whether in person or through their writings. They who are older and more experienced can help you move forward on your life’s path. Seek them out and be comforted. The Hermit’s lantern lights the way!

This is a brilliant time of the year to take a step back and quietly evaluate what’s gone before and what lies ahead. If you’d like help to plan your future in an informed way, please do get in touch.  I offer you single-card, three-card, and Celtic Cross ten-card readings at various price ranges, all via email. You’ll get a written overview of your personalised reading, plus a detailed explanation of each expressive card. You’ll also receive a photo of your card layout. Click here to receive your Email Tarot reading within the next few days.

And if you’re organising an intimate get-together or a large-scale event, consider adding the excitement of Tarot readings. I’d love to chat with you, so to find out more, please email info@tarotbyemail.com.

I am the Weekend Witch, and I can’t wait to help you meet your destiny!

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