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The Kings Cards in the Tarot

Languages ranging from Albanian to Zulu each have a proverb that says something like “Every man is a king.”

So what do we know about the King cards in the Tarot deck?

tarot | zoomtarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotKings represent male energy, masculine authority, and/or someone who wants to be in control. A King can also signify that the meanings of the cards in a reading are unambiguous and long-lasting.

Each King represents a different quailty, depending on his suit.  In a Tarot reading your reader will explain what he means specifically to you.

On a literal level, a King stands for a person, typically a man aged 35 or older. He likely has a strong and controlled — or controlling — personality. He’s not flighty or changeable. Instead, he’s a responsible person who wants to be the boss at his job and the provider for his family.

When a King card appears in a past position, he probably denotes your father or a father figure in your earlier life — perhaps an older brother, or a male mentor. If influenced by negative cards when in a past position, he might represent a domineering male influence from your younger days, such as a bullying male classmate or a tyrannical teacher or colleague.

If dealt in a present position, the King might represent an aspect of yourself, such as your drive to be in control, your ambitions, and your determination. He rarely represents violent upheaval or radical changes, but instead has to do with orderliness, stability, and gradual movement in a positive direction.

A King, of course, can refer to a love interest, especially a man over 35. If you’ve embarked on a new romance and a King shows up, it’s generally a good sign. Be careful, however — he can represent an ideal choice and stand in contrast to the man you’ve chosen. He might be telling you to find someone more like a King, someone stable, pleasant, successful, and in control of his life.

When a King card pops up in a future position, he probably forecasts security. He may herald the end of a state of chaos that has surrounded you. A stable future lies ahead and, if the card refers to a person, a true leader is about to enter your life. You might expect a satisfying and productive new job or hobby, or an incoming manager at work who’ll end a period of confusion. A King in a future position may also mean you’ll soon gain a clearer idea of your life’s direction.

Regardless of its position, any King nearly always bodes well. So relax, take comfort in his presence, and prepare for good times ahead!

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