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The Tarot’s Empress and our Easter Celebrations

tarot | zoomtarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotEaster is traditionally thought of as a Christian holiday, however there are also some Pagan traditions that have been associated with the holiday, particularly in relation to the Spring Equinox and the renewal of life.

One of these traditions is the celebration of the goddess Eostre or Ostara, the pagan goddess of spring and fertility who is often associated with new beginnings and the arrival of spring. The holiday of Easter probably derived its name from this goddess, as the Old English word for the holiday was “Eostre.”

Eostre is associated with the Major Arcana Tarot card “The Empress.” This card represents fertility, feminine power, creativity, abundance and nurturing, all of which are qualities ascribed to Eostre.

In some interpretations of The Empress card, the figure is depicted surrounded by flowers, birds, and other symbols of new life and growth, which further connect her to the themes of spring and fertility – and she often looks pregnant. This card can be seen as a representation of the divine feminine energy that is present in all things, and which is often associated with the earth, nature, and the cycle of life and death.

The Empress card I’ve shared here is from the beautiful Salvador Dali deck – isn’t she a gorgeous, mystical woman?!

We don’t have a great deal of historical information about Eostre, and much of what we know comes from folklore and mythology rather than documented fact. However, the idea of a goddess associated with spring and renewal has persisted in many cultures, and can still be seen in modern celebrations of Easter and other springtime holidays.

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