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Three of Wands – be prepared and think ahead

three of wands, rider waite tarotToday’s card, picked at random, is the Three of Wands.  But what does it mean?

Standing on a cliff, a man in a red cloak looks out over calm waters where three ships are sailing; mountains rise beyond the sea in the distance. Surrounding the man are three wooden staffs firmly planted in the ground. This is the Three of Wands as shown in the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

Cards in the suit of wands relate to mental energy: ideas, inspiration, and spirituality; threes denote unity and are about taking a first step and getting results after solid planning and preparation. So the Three of Wands card is about enterprise and expansion, as well as preparation and foresight.

In the Rider Waite image, the man may be a merchant watching his own ships as they sail out to sea—or as they return to him laden with cargo. Similarly, this auspicious minor arcana card suggests that your plans are moving forward or will move forward successfully; things are going well or will go well because you’ve laid the groundwork.

This card also advises patience and tranquillity as you wait for your goals to be achieved and your plans to be fulfilled. It tells you to be willing to enter new and unexplored territories, and don’t be afraid to think big.

Just as a sailing ship may encounter a storm, know that no matter how carefully you’ve planned, unexpected challenges can appear. This may be the meaning when the card is reversed. Meet difficulties with a clear head, a calm demeanour, and a steady hand on the helm. Be willing to improvise. And just as the man on the cliff sees a broad horizon before him, don’t lose sight of the long term and the big picture.

This card may also suggest upcoming travel. So be an adventurer willing to step forward, but only after planning. Be courageous—but not reckless—as you expand your horizons and move bravely towards new lands.

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