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Two of Pentacles, staying balanced or constant juggling?

The suit of Pentacles (also known as “Coins” or “Discs”) addresses the material side of life: possessions, finance and money.

tarot | tarotbyemail | emailtarot | tarot readings | tarot reader | Tarot London | corporate tarot | business tarotIn the Angel Tarot, which features pictures of shrubs and blossoms, the Two of Pentacles depicts a pair of coins surrounded by flowering vines.

The classic Rider Waite deck shows two ships tossed on the sea, while in the foreground a medieval juggler balances two enormous golden coins encircled by an infinity sign.

It’s not surprising to see this juggler’s balancing act, for Twos in the Tarot typically point towards balance, harmony and partnerships.

Therefore, this card can be about the need to reconcile or balance extremes in your life, especially where money is concerned. Do you overspend one week and compensate by becoming a miser the next? The Two of Pentacles recommends moderation between these extremes.

This card also counsels patience and flexibility. Are you about to abandon all hope of ever getting that high-paying job inheritance, or promotion you’ve been expecting? Don’t give up yet. Be patient.

The card may suggest you have taken on too much and are therefore forced into juggling things, especially in the material realm. Are you spending too much time working to earn money, and neglecting your loved ones, for example? The Two of Pentacles cautions against this, advising that balance is essential for a happy, successful life.

Speaking of happiness, Twos are often lucky (hence the beautiful flowering vines on the Angel Tarot card), and the Two of Pentacles can mean financial good luck is on your horizon – but only if you’re patient, flexible, and sensible when it comes to material things. This card also points to your innate ability to weather life’s storms. You may be tossed in one direction and then in another like a ship on the ocean – yet you maintain your good nature and optimism, perhaps even having managing to have fun during these experiences.

The final verdict from the Two of Pentacles? With a commitment to success, a positive outlook, patience, flexibility, and a determination to maintain balance in your life, you’ll prevail and come out on top!

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