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Is the Devil really evil?

“Sometimes the Devil is a gentleman.”

— Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Devil is, perhaps, one of the most frightening cards in the Tarot.

In the Rider Waite deck, the picture shows a scowling demon with wings and goat’s legs. Holding a flaming torch, he looms over a horned and naked man and woman, who are chained by their necks to his black perch.

In the Old English Tarot deck, the image has the protruding breasts of a woman, and the two chained figures are strange, mythical beasts. We love the Housewives’ Tarot – just take a look at the image to see why…!!


Given these images, it’s no wonder the card is so widely feared. But if the demon appears in your reading, know that this Devil does not necessarily represent an evil being. He does, however, indicate that something in your life needs your attention.

Like the Sun, the Moon, the Fool and the Empress, this is a Major Arcana card. These Tarot cards signify major issues in your life and lessons you need to learn. Therefore, Major Arcana card meanings can be complicated and profound.

This card often denotes a dysfunctional relationship – but not necessarily with a person.

Just as the man and woman in the picture are chained, the card may represent some kind of bondage or destructive connection. Are you a slave to your job, to a habit, to a family member, or to a desire for material things? The Devil may be saying you’re caught in an unhealthy or unproductive situation. The card can also be about addiction, whether to a person, a substance, or a behaviour, such as compulsive shopping or gambling.

Sometimes the Devil arrives to call attention to your rage. Have you recently had a spat with a loved one? Are you nursing a grudge against a friend or co-worker? Beelzebub on the card is saying it might be time to let go of your anger and forgive.

In addition, when the card appears in a positive position or is surrounded by more friendly-looking cards, it could be saying you need to break your bondage to others’ expectations, give a freer rein to your creativity, and release your inner imp!

So be aware that when the Devil pops up in your Tarot reading, he’s not there to announce doom, but merely to caution you about the importance of such things as introspection, forgiveness, or spontaneity.

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